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The Musky Fly-Tying Desk

Has the Musky Bug bitten you?  It has me!  Dream about landing that trophy musky while you tie big musky meat on "The Musky!"

The Musky is built for musky fly tiers - it's durable and easy to use at home or on the road!

This is what you get:

1.  The desk is built with pine, and the base measures 11" wide x 22" long x 1 1/2" thick, which gives you a good, heavy base to work from.

2.  On the left, a vise mount has been built - three 1"-thick wood dowels are locked in place to give you a sturdy mount, as is needed when you're tying down those feathers and bucktail with heavy thread.  Five dowels have been added on the back of this mount for thread spools.  It has been painted in a "musky bar" pattern.

3.  Towards the back left, a spool rack has been placed, which holds nine spools.

4.  In the front of the spool rack, a 1 1/2" diameter hole has been drilled to hold your glue or zap-a-gap

5.  Above that, an extra-long flash rack has been inserted.  The rack measures 9" long and stands 12" above the desk.  There are eight dowels placed along the sassafras log which extend 2".  Musky tiers need lots of flash, and this rack gives you the ability to hang at least 16 - maybe more - flash packs.  12 clips are included to hold your flash in place.

6.  In the front of the desk, four 2 1/2" hook/bead trays have been inserted for large hooks and other items.  In addition, three 1 1/2" trays have been added for smaller items, such as eyes, barbells, etc.

7.  To the back right of the desk, a storage box has been built to hold your hackle, bucktail, streamer hair, etc.  It's measurements are 4" high x 4" wide (open space) x 10" long (open space).  

8.  In front of the box, two sassafras logs and a "hiding" musky have been placed to hold your tying tools!

9.  The wood slats in the storage box are
made with cedar.

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The Musky Tying Desk



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