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The Grand Slam Fly-Tying Desk

Dream of scoring a grand slam, while you tie flies on this saltwater table-top tying desk!

Catch the Grand Slam - tarpon, bonefish, and permit - or, just dream about it, while you tie flies on this saltwater table-top tying desk!  The desk has been stained in English Chestnut, with weathered "flats"-colored paint accents.

Here are the table specs:

1.  The base of the table is made of 1 1/2" pine to give you a heavy base.  The desk measures approximately 22" wide by 11" deep.

2.  A large tarpon has been elevated on 1" dowels to use a c-clamp vise.  Directly underneath (where the fly will be tied on the vise), there is a 2 1/2" trash hole to gather your small waste.  Six dowels have been placed on the tail end of tarpon for thread spools.

3.  13 hook/bead trays have been placed on the middle "circle."  There are two 2 1/2" trays, two 1 1/2" trays, and 10 1" trays.  All trays have been lined with a magnet.

4.  In the back left, a spool rack has been elevated with 14 dowels for thread spools.

5.  To the right of that, another elevated platform is placed, which includes five thread spool dowels and 11 slots for your tying tools.

6.  On the right hand side, a permit has been elevated and includes four wine corks, which can be used to dry your flies.

7.  On the back left, a cedar sign displaying "The Grand Slam" has been placed. 


8.  On the back right, a bonefish has been placed atop a 12" pole, which can be used to hang your flash and other material.  10 clamps are included to help hold your flash in place.

The sign and bonefish are shipped loose in the box and can be glued in place, once you receive the desk.  Holes have been pre-drilled for these posts.

***If you are left-handed and wish to have the tarpon on the right-hand side of the desk, please let me know in COMMENTS at checkout.  I will "flip" the desk for you, so everything is in reverse from pictures shown.

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The Grand Slam Tying Desk



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