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The Farm Pond Fly-Tying Desk

There's nothing better than finding that hidden farm pond that's full of big bluegill, lunker bass, and the occasional 5 lb. catfish that hits your popper!

This desktop tying bench includes all the wonders of that farm pond:

1.   The bench measures approximately 21" in length, by 10 1/2" wide.  The 1 1/2" thick base gives you a heavy, sturdy foundation.

2.   The largemouth bass acts as your "vise bar."  Two, 1" posts hold the bass, which allows you to put a lot of pressure on the vise.  There are also 10 dowels for thread spools.

3.   A bluegill is placed on the right-hand side of the desk, and it includes 11 slots for tools and 6 dowels for thread spools.

4.   There are 9 hook & bead trays throughout the desk:  Two 2 1/2" trays, and seven 1 1/2" trays.  All are lined with a magnet.

5.   A pontoon, complete with ladder, is placed in the center of the desk.  Two wine corks have been placed on the pontoon to use to dry flies.

6.   On the back, a dock has been placed to hold your spider and bug foam.

7.   Lastly, a catfish, with whiskers, has been placed on a 12" dowel to hold your flash and rubber leg material.  Clamps are included to hold your material in place.

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The Farm Pond Tying Desk



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