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The East Fork Fly-Tying Table

The East Fork Tying Table is a portable tying table that allows you to store more material in your work station.


Here are the specs:


1.  The table is made of pine and stands approximately 28” high, which when sitting at your chair and working off the vise, your work area will be approximately 33” -35”. It is 17 ½” across and 11 ½” deep on the table top. The table weighs approximately 35 lbs.


2. On the back of the table top, a spool rack/fly dryer/hook holder (magnets) has been placed.  It measures the length of the table and is 3 1/8" deep.  


3.  In the middle of the table-top, a trash hole has been placed. You can use the top drawer of the table as your trash “bin.” Around the trash hole, six 1 ½” hook/bead trays have been added – each is lined with a magnetic sheet to help hold small hooks and beads in place.


4.  There are eight (8) drawers in the table which measure 8” x 7 ½”, and are 1 ½” deep. There are removable tray dividers, which allow you 72 compartments. The drawers have been built with wooden slides and are spaced 1/8” apart for easy removal and replacement.


***Please email me your choice of STAIN, and HARDWARE (nickel, brass, black), after you place your ordrer.

Options:  Check out the options you can add to your table, simply include them in your cart!


Table Accessories        


Hand-Painted Fish


See photos of other East Fork Tables that have been completed: 

East Fork Photos.


There is minor assembly required:

1.  The table comes in two boxes, one for the base, and one for the top.

2.  Place the table top on the base, put in the four 1 1/4" screws in the four corners, tamp the wood plugs in place.

3.  Place the "rack" on the back of the table top.  Put in the five 1" screws, tamp the wood plugs in place.  Add the dowes for the spools in the pre-drilled slots.


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The East Fork Tying Table



A table in use, so you can see the working height.

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