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The Dix Fly-Tying Table

The Dix Fly-Tying Table is a portable fly-tying table on legs! It weighs less than 25 lbs., so you can take it to wherever you want to tie!

1. The table is made of pine. Each table is made with new pieces of wood, so the grains will run differently than shown in the photos. 

2. The table measures 26 inches high, by 19 1/2 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. Keep in mind, when you attach your c-clamp vise (or use a pedestal vise on the table-top), you are adding another 7 - 10 inches in height to your work space. So, you are actually working at 33 - 36 inches.

3. Each side of the table is enclosed with a paneled wall - including the front door.  This was originally requested by one of my customers to keep his small dogs out of his tying supplies!


4. The spool rack is two levels and extends 18 inches across the table. It holds 21 spools.

5. A magnetic strip has been placed along the bottom of the spool rack for drying flies or placing small hooks to be used.

6. On the left and right side of the top of the table there are instrument slots - 14 total.

7. The two shelves allow you to store many of your supplies, like hooks, bead heads, hackle, bucktail, etc (photo, below right).  You can also have drawers installed, instead of the shelves - see more information on drawers below.

8.  A Trash Hole with Magnetic Bin has been added in the middle of the table top to help you easily remove your waste.  Just scrape all your waste into the hole, open the front door, pull the Bin out and dump your trash - it's that easy!

9. The vise bar, which runs 15 inches across the front of the tabletop, is made for either right, or left-handed folks.

10. Wood screws are used to connect all pieces, and flat, wood plugs are placed in the recessed holes to hide the screws.


There is minor assembly required. The table comes in two boxes, one for the top, and one for the base. Place the spool spindles in the pre-drilled holes on the spool rack, place the top on the base, level, and screw in place. Tamp in the wood plugs in the screw holes, and you're done! All supplies are included. 

See photos of Dix Tables I have shipped to clients:  Dix Tables


Please email me your choice of STAIN and HARDWARE (nickel, brass, black) color, after place your order.


Options:  There are several options you can add to your table!  Simply include them in your cart at purchase!


Table Accessories          


Hand-Painted Fish


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The Dix Tying Table




Add Inside Drawers

Five drawers will be added to your table, which include removable slats - giving you 30 compartments or 5.  Drawers are placed freely on wood slats for easy complete removal and replacement.  Total inside drawer space is 9 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" long x 1 1/2" depth.



A table in use, so you can see the working height.

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