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Customer Testimonials 

 Fly-Tying Tables

"Beautiful fly table!  Love the table! (The Dix Table with Drawers)" - John, Utah


"The table looks great!  Thanks (Paint Creek Tying Table)" - Jay, Louisiana


"I love the way it turned out and my husband was surprised and thrilled. He's tying flies now for a trip to Pueblo and the Arkansas River tomorrow! (Paint Creek Tying Table)" - Robin, Colorado


"I just want to say a big Thank You :) not only did I hit the lottery on his gift he was shocked that I found something near and dear to his heart that he can pass down for generations to come this will be hard to beat next yr. thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you put into this. (Paint Creek Tying Table)" - Trisha, North Carolina


"My son loved the table! Such neat custom touches. (Laurel Fork Tying Desk)" - Susan, Alabama


"The potter's portable tying box is of superb craftsmanship!  (Pottter's Tying Box)"  - Martin, Kansas


"I received it last week and love it.  Great craftsmanship - was finally able to get everything organized.  Well, for the most part.  Thanks again (Paint Creek Tying Table)" - Jordan, Virginia


"I got my table yesterday and just love it! Thank you!   (Paint Creek Tying Table)" - Rick, Ohio


"Thanks just what I ordered looks great can't wait to try it out! (Potter's Tying Box) - Mike, Maryland

"Wow!! All I can say is this thing is SWEET!! Excellent craftsmanship, it looks awesome!  (The "Trout Table" - Paint Creek Table)" - Adam, Wisconsin

"Thank you for your amazing work (Paint Creek Fly Tying Table)." - George, Pennsylvania

"Thanks again....  I am very pleased with your product.  It is exactly what I wanted. (Painte Creek Tying Table) - Jere, Pennsylvania

"Put it together yesterday and it looks great... Just what I was looking for!  (The Dix Tying Table)" - Art, Colorado

"It's more beautiful than the picture.  You did a fabulous job! (Paint Creek Tying Table with Steelhead)" - Joanne, Pennsylvania

"The table is beautiful! (Paint Creek Tying Table with trash hole w/magnetic bin)."  - Noel, California

"It's absolutely beautiful!  You did such a great job.  Thank you!!! (Paint Creek Tying Table)." - Erin, Pennsyilvania

"The table arrived today and it looks awesome!  (Paint Creek Tying Table with flash racks and trash hole w/magnetic bin)."  - Joe, Michigan

"Got the table fine - what a great idea!  I have had a number of tying setups over the last 20+ years, this will be my last.  It gives you just the right amount of area and forces me to control the clutter I usually have when tying.  (Paint Creek Tying Table with flash racks and caster box)" - Bill, Ohio

"Wonderful table.  High quality and sturdy!  (Potter's Fly-Tying Box)" - Veronica, Oregon

"Table arrive today and is just what I hoped for.  Thank you very much! (East Fork Tying Table) - David, California

"Excellent... He called to offer some changes and all arrived perfect!!! (Laurel Fork Tying Desk)" - William, Colorado

"I highly recommend working with this seller.  He did an amazing job! (The Dix Fly-Tying Table)"  - Erin, Maryland

"I keep meaning to say thanks for the absolutely amazing table (number two).  Nothing beats having a second one of these perfect tables up at the cottage. I simply transport whatever extra materials I need (but now I have an excuse to double my arsenal) between the two locations. It has everything you could ever want and would ever think to add to create the perfect table.  Amazing stuff Mark!  (Laurel Fork Tying Desk)" - Chris, Canada

"...Needless to say, I'm impressed.  This is a really cool table and you do a remarkable job putting one of these together.  (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Greg, Montana

"I really appreciate your time and energy making them.  They are gorgeous and I intend to put them to very good use and show them off for a very long time.  Thanks for the great work! (Paint Creek Tying Table, Kinniconick Rod & Reel Cabinet, Tygart's Creek Material Storage Cabinet)" - Trevor, Kentucky

"My husband loves it! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Shea, Montana

"We are so very happy with our purchase, beautiful workmanship, thank you! (Potter's Box)" - Joe, New York

"Love it!  Thanks! (Potter's Box)" - Zoe, Michigan

"Nice smooth transaction.  Beautiful product, quick shipping.  Happy customer! (Laurel Fork Desk)" - Janet, South Dakota

"Beautiful! (Potter's Box)" - Susan, Arizona

"I received the table on Saturday.  It is everything I hoped for and more.  Thanks very much! (Laurel Fork Desk)" - Rick, Florida

"I finally got in town and had a chance to unpack the desk and it looks amazing.  The setup was very simple.  Thanks again for your hard work on it! (Dix Table)" - Todd, Texas

"Table arrived today. Very very simple to put to gather. I love it! (Cherry-stained Dix Table with painted Steelhead)" - Dale, Pennsylvania

"…the VERY proud and happy owner of a new Paint Creek Fly Desk! Thank you so much for making such an awesome product. It's everything I could have hoped for and everything any fly tyer would want!!!! It shipped here to Toronto, Canada safe and super quick. I've already set it up and I'm about to start tying some more flies!!! I'd also be MORE than happy to write a customer review for you. Just ask any time, doesn't have to be now! Thanks again! - Chris, Toronto, Canada

"Very happy with bench (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - George, North Carolina

"Desk is better than even what I expected, couldn't be happier with the purchase (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Stephen, Tennessee

" let you know how thrilled my son was with his fly-tying table. He took it back to school with him and has been flying ties like mad! It is the perfect size for his dorm room and fits easily into his car. Thank you so much for getting it done in time for his 21st birthday. It was the perfect gift! (The Dix Fly-Tying Table)" - Beth, Virginia

“Love it! Easy to put together! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)” – John, Indiana

“Excellent, Excellent, Excellent! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)” – Robert, New Jersey

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)” – Girts, Latvia

“Great product! Thanks! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)” – Richard, Maryland


“Perfect in every way! (Indian Creek Fly-Tying Table)” – Brandon, Georgia


“Just what I needed & very well built! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)” – Marc, Alberta, Canada

"Neat item… Very helpful” (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)” – Dan, Kentucky

"Table is great! Easy to assemble with clear instructions! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Michael, New Jersey

"Great product for the price... good directions and packaging! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Pete, Vermont

"Excellent in every way, top notch! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Elliott, Connecticut

"Great item. Thanks! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Janet, North Carolina

"My husband is putting together his table (almost finished) and has kept a smile on his face the whole time. Thank you for creating such a great idea and product!!! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Teresa, Wyoming


"Thanks! Great Seller! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Carolyn, California


"Very well made product at a very affordable price. Very Impressed! A+ (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Robert, Washington


"Thanks for making such a great product! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Joyce, Illinois


"Everything was exactly as it was described! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Christy, Pennsylvania

"It's beautiful! Didn't expect...... the detail. Thanks for doing a great job! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table with trash bin)" - Stanley, Pennsylvania

"Well packed! The instructions look easy to follow. With the shipping included, it's a great deal. The pictures online do not reveal the detail you've put into it. (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Dave, New York

"Great quality product! (Potter's Fly-Tying Box)" - Dominic, Delaware


"Great product! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Melanie, Pennsylvania


"Great fly tying table! It's perfect, I love it! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Brian, California


"It's just what I was looking for! (Potter's Fly-Tying Box)" - Jean, California


"Wow! Love it! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Jacob, Utah

"...Easy to assemble! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - John, Massachusettes

"Nice transaction and nice item. (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - William, South Carolina

"Great company and well made fly tying table, my husband loves it!!!! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Liz, Maine

"Sellers product was excellent... (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Scott, Utah

"We love it, and the painted rainbow trout is great! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Katherine, Illinois

"Very will built and will suit what I need it for. (The Dix Fly-Tying Table)" - John, Connecticut

"...Very cool. ... It is nice. My brother will really enjoy it. (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Alex, Ohio

"The table looks great! Set up was a breeze! (The Dix Fly-Tying Table)" - Kirk, Texas

"Great Fly-Tying Table - Very Prompt - Highly Recommend (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Rick, Idaho

"These are great people. I had great communication with them and a wonderful product (The Salt Fly-Tying Table)" - James, Arkansas

"Very awesome! That table is amazing, the pictures do not do the table justice! My husband is super happy with it! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Janae, Montana

"Thank you so much, I love it! I have already put it together and tied a fly, it really organizes all your tying stuff. I am very happy with it! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Kelli, Oklahoma

"I received the desk yesterday. It looks great - You will definitely come highly recommended from me! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Kevin, New York

"Nice Folks, Nice Table, very well built and great design! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Sean, Virginia

"Great Bench, Great Communication. Many thanks! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Dennis, Florida

"Awesome table! Perfect for someone without alot of room! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Kris, Colorado

"A+ Thanks! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Frederick, Pennsylvania

"Great communication w/Seller, very responsive, highly recommend. (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Robert, California

"Just thought I would let you know that he loved it! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Lisa, Connecticut

"I Love it! It was exactly what I needed at a fair price! (Paint Creek Fly-Tying Table)" - Josh, Montana



Fly-Fishing Furniture

"My husband is thrilled with it!  it's truly wonderful!  (Laurel Creek Fly Storage Cabinet)" - Joanne, Pennsylvania


"Looks terrific!!!  Thanks for a great job!!! (Elkhorn Creek Rod/Reel Cabinet)" - Peggy, Pennsylvania


"My parents received the cabinet and are absolutely thrilled with it! It looks gorgeous. Thank you so much.  (Kinniconick Rod & Reel Cabinet)" - Yahna, Michigan


"He loves it!!! Thank you again. It smells so good!  (Tygart's Creek Tying Material)" - Karen, Georgia


"Amazing product. Smooth transaction. A++!! (Kinniconnick Rod & Reel Cabinet)" - Eric, Vancouver


"The cabinet arrived late yesterday. Thank you very much. It is really great. The photo you sent just doesn't do it justice. (Laurel Creek Fly Storage Cabinet) - Ernie, Texas

"We received both items and have them set up for use.  Wonderful craftmanship!  Thank you! (Tygarts Creek Storage Cabinet and Elkhorn Creek Rod & Reel Cabinet)" - Annette, Wisconsin

"Thank you so much, he loved it! (Kinniconick Rod & Reel Cabinet)" - Jennifer, Texas

"I don't know if I ever thanked you for the beautiful cabinet.  My husband loves it! (Elkhorn Creek Rod & Reel Cabinet)."  - Cindy, Montana

"Thanks...nice work! (Kinniconick and Elkhorn Creek Rod & Reel Storage Cabinets)" - Carmen, Arizona

"Nice job of design and construction.  The three fish are a nice touch.  Thanks for a great job. (Elkhorn Creek Cabinet)" - Larry, Virginia

"Great workmanship and transaction - Thanks! (Kinniconick Rod & Reel Cabinet)" - Jim, Georgia



Musky Flies


"Great Looking Fly. Will Order Again! A+++" - Keith, Virginia


"I'll send you some pics when I catch a few! (pike)" - David, United Kingdom


"Beautiful fly. I may frame it instead of fishing it & Sweet fly, Can't wait to see it in the water." - Walter, North Carolina


"I will keep buying they are great quality." - Don, Minnesota


"AAAAAAA+++++" - Jennifer, Indiana



Bumper Stickers


"Great Products! ( Bumper Sticker)" - Jim, Kentucky


"Great Product! Thanks!!! ("SPOTS" Brown Trout Bumper Sticker)" - Brooks, Tennessee


"Great Sticker!  Thanks! ("SPOTS" Brown Trout Bumper Sticker)" - David, Georgia

"Great seller!  Will buy from again!  (Muskie on the Fly! bumper sticker)" - Gary, Minnesota

"Great Seller!  ("SPOTS" Brown Trout Bumper Sticker)" - Erin, Missouri

"Great Deal!  A+++++++ Seller!  (Muskie on the Fly! bumper sticker)" - Mark, Ohio

"Great sticker - Super price and service!  ("SPOTS" Brown Trout Bumper Sticker)" - Stephen, Tennessee

"Sweet sticker - Thanks! (SPOTS Brown Trout Sticker)" - Tanner, Colorado

"Great item - A+! (Muskie on the Fly Sticker)" - Tara, Illinois

"Great item! (SPOTS Brown Trout Sticker)" - Donald, Massachusettes

"Troutastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  fish on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bow-Brook-Brown Bumper Sticker)" - Tom, New York

"Love it! (Smallmouth on the Fly! Bumber Sticker)"  - Bruce, Arizona

"This one is going to look great on my fishin jeep!  (Bow-Brook-Brown Bumper Sticker)" - Tyler, Arkansas

"Beautiful sticker - all expecations met!  (SPOTS sticker)" - Eric, New York

"Happy customer!  (SPOTS sticker)" - Cameron, Alabama

"Perfect!  (SPOTS sticker)" - Linda, Colorado

"Super fast shipping and high quality sticker!!!!  (SPOTS sticker)" - Lelia, California

"This one is going to look great on my fishin Jeep!  (Bow-Brook-Brown sticker)" - Tyler, Arkansas




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