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Super Trout Caddy

The Super Trout Fly Tying Caddy makes it easy for you to pack several of your tying tools and materials to your tying station, i.e. the kitchen table!

The caddy is made from pine - the top "trout" is 1 1/2" thick, while the base is 3/4" thick, which gives it very sturdy base. It measures 17" long by 11" wide. The trout has been stained in Golden Oak, while the base, the removable hook/bead trays, and the dowels have all been stained in dark walnut.

There are several Hook/Bead Trays:


    1. Three removable Hook/Bead trays - each painted with a trout pattern - rainbow, brook, and brown. Each tray space is 1 1/2" wide.

    2. Three 2 1/2" trays on top of the trout

    3. Three 1 1/2" trays on the base

    4. One 1" tray on the base

    *** All trays are lined with a magnet to help hold your items in place

There are 11 2" dowels placed along the back of the trout to hold your thread spools.

14 slots have been drilled on the trout to hold your tying tools. **Tools and material pictured in photos are not included - pictured to show you how items fit in the caddy.

***If you would like your caddy stained in any of the other wood stains available, please let me know in COMMENTS at checkout!

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The Super Trout Caddy



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