The Laurel Fork Fly-Tying Desk

The Laurel Fork Desk is a table-top model that allows you to work on any flat surface!

Just can't leave the kitchen table?  

The Laurel Fork Tying Desk offers you a great work station to tie flies at the kitchen table or any other table-top surface. 


And, if you're moderately agile, maybe even in your lap...

The desk is made from pine and can be stained in any of my available wood stain colors.


The "timber" posts (6) are made  from sturdy sassafras limbs.  Each desk is made by hand, individually, so wood grains and shapes of the tree limbs will be a little different than the table shown. 


Click this link - Laurel Fork Photos - to see other Laurel Fork Desks with different stains and fish.

Here are the desk specifics:

1.  The base of the table measures 20 1/2" across x by 11 3/4" wide.  It is made of 1 1/2" thick pine to give you a sturdy base.  The outer edge of the base is raised 1/4" above the desk top to give you a lip, so beadheads and such don't go rolling off your desk.  Eight small slots have been drilled into the front of the base "lip" for small tying tools, such as hackle pliers.

2.  The back height is 7 1/2" - with the "Flash Fish" attached it is 13".  The Flash Fish is shipped loose and is to be put in place when you receive the table.  A 3/8" slot has been drilled into the back panel, so you can easily slide the post into the slot.  The Flash Fish includes six (or five, depending on the "Flash Fish" you choose), 2" dowels to hang your flash.  From its position, it allows your flash to hang 10" to your desk top. Two clips are included for each dowel to hold your flash in place - you can easily hang two sets of flash from each post - maybe more!  The Flash "Fish" on the desk at right is a brook trout  - choose from any of my fish patterns
 for your desk!

3.  On each side of the desk, fish in the shape of a jumping trout have been placed to house spools and tying tools.  Wine corks are included to hold your completed flies, while they dry.  If you have a c-clamp vise, it can be attached at the nose of either fish (for right and left-handers).  The tops of the fish are 7" above the surface where you have placed your desk.  Fish measure 10" long by 5 1/2" wide, and they extend approximately 2" out from the front of the desk.  They are secured by two sturdy sassafras "posts."  Each fish contains seven 4"-long dowels for spools and six slots for tying tools (spool dowels are shipped loose as to not break in shipping and can be easily glued in place).

4.  The back "wall," which measures 6" above the desk top, is made with a "panel" design.  On each end of the wall, storage bins have been placed to hold all sorts of tying material.  The bins have been constructed with more sassafras "posts" and twine.  By using twine to hold your items in the bin, it allows you to see everything in the bin from the front of the desk.  Sassafras limb posts measure 4" in height.  

5.  There are 19 hook & bead trays routed into the desk top.  14 are 1" in diameter, three are 2 1/2" in diameter, two are 1 1/2" in diameter.  All trays are lined with a magnet strip to keep your items in place.  Trays are all 1/8" - 1/4" deep, so you don't have to go "digging" too deep to grab the items you need.  

6.  Lastly, a Utility Bin is included.  The bin can be used to store additonal tying material and tools, or it can be used as a trash bin, to be placed underneath your vise.  The bin measures 10" long x 6 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" deep.


Please send me an email,, telling me which fish pattern, wood stain, and knobs (black, nickel, or brass) you would like on your table.

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The Laurel Fork Tying Desk