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The Kinniconick Creek Cabinet

This Rod & Reel Cabinet is a wall-mounted storage unit for your rods, reels, and other fishing items. In addition to being practical, the rustic, but clean, look will be a welcome addition to the décor of your “fishing room!”

Here are the Cabinet specifications:

  1. It is made of pine and can be stained in any of our available wood stains.  Three coats of spray polyurethane have been added to the surface.

  2. The Cabinet measures 27” high x 17” across, with a depth of 8 ¼”.

  3. There are eight slots available for rods.  The top four have been cut with a 2 ½” diameter to allow room for most rod tubes.  The bottom four have been cut with a 1 ½” diameter for rods – the photo shows how two rods have been broken down and placed into the Cabinet.

  4. Three open shelves have been placed in the bottom part of the Cabinet.  The bottom shelf measures 14” wide x 3” high (behind the 2 ½” opening).  The middle shelf measures 14” wide x 4” high (behind the 3 ½” opening).  The top shelf is 14” wide x 5” high (behind the 4 ½” opening).  All shelves have a 3 ¾” depth.

  5. The top cabinet space is 14” wide x 9” high.  A paneled door has been added for this top space.  It is kept shut by a magnet placed in the middle of the shelf.  On the outside of the door, a hand-painted Brown Trout has been added.  You can CHOOSE the fish you want on your Cabinet!  Choose from any of our available Fish Patterns.

  6. The Cabinet is a wall-mounted unit.  Photo shows the Keyhole cuts in the back of the unit, which allow you to mount the unit on 16” stud widths.  We have included two wood screws to use, or you can use any other 3/8”-head screw you need for your situation (Photo 4 below, with tape measure).

  7. All connections have been made with wood screws and have been covered with wood plugs.


Please send me an email,, telling me which stain and fish you would like on your cabinet!


See Kinniconick Cabinets I have shipped to clients:  Kinni Photos


You can also have your cabinet custom built with differently sized slots, for instance, I have done cabinets with 4", 3", 2 3/4", etc. slots.  If you would like this option, please email me at, or call me at (606) 923-7488, to discuss it.  Pricing may be a little more, depending on your needs.


FREE Shipping Inside the U.S.! 


Please see my Shipping Policy.

The Kinniconick Creek Cabinet



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