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The Laurel Creek Fly Storage Cabinet

So, where do you store all the flies you tie?


As a fly-tyer, myself, I’ve accumulated hundreds of flies.  I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down and tied a dozen prince nymphs, only to open an old tote in the corner of the room the next day to find a couple dozen the same size that I tied last year!


Because I know I’m not alone, I’ve created the Laurel Creek Fly Storage Cabinet. 


Here are the specs:


  1. The cabinet is built with pine and stands approximately 28” high x 17” wide and has a depth of 11 ½”.

  2. There are eight (8) drawers in the cabinet, which measure 8” x 7 ½”, with a depth of 1 ½”.  Removable dividers are included, which create a total of 72 compartments.  You can store anything from #22 midges to musky flies with 5/0 hooks!  These drawers are made with wooden slides and are separated by an 1/8” between drawers, so they can be easily removed.

  3. A hand-painted fish is placed on top of the cabinet – choose any fish patterns available.  A Cutthroat Trout is painted on this cabinet.

  4. You may also choose from any of the wood stains I have available.  .

  5. Nickle and brass knobs are also available.


Please send me an email,, telling me which fish, stain, and knobs (black, silver, brass) you would like on your cabinet.


See photos of Laurel Creek Cabinets I have shipped to clients:

Laurel Creek Photos

Free Shipping inside the U.S.!

Please see the Shipping Policy.

The Laurel Creek Cabinet



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