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Flash Carousel

The Flash Carousel allows you to hang your flash and chenille, so it doesn't become tangled in your storage area!

It can be side-mounted or top-mounted - place it wherever you want it!

1. Stands 12 inches above your working service.
2. Pre-drilled holes allow you to mount on the side or top of your table. It is important that the "post" does not move, so include some glue when you mount the post to the brace block - this allows the "holder" to spin as you need it.
3. Two wood plugs are included to fill the pre-drilled holes that you do not use.
4. The "holder" measures 10 inches long and includes 8 spaces to hang flash. A small 1/8-inch dowel is included to slide through the top of the flash to keep it secured.
5. Stained to the color of your table.

*If you are purchasing at the same time as a new table, and you want us to mount it for you, let us know where you want it placed. You will simply then place the post in the post hole, when you receive the table.

**Tying materials in the photos are not included.

Flash Carousel


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