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The Elkhorn Creek Cabinet

The Elkhorn Creek Cabinet is a place to store your rods, reels, line, fly boxes, etc.!

This cabinet is a floor model, which allows you to store your rod tubes upright.  It measures 26 1/2" inches long, 17 inches high, and 11 1/4 inches deep.  It is made of pine and all sides are made of recessed panels, and connections are made with wood screws and glue to give you a solid structure.

There are eight (8) rod tube slots in the top of the cabinet:  four (4) 3-inch slots, and four (4) 2 1/2-inch slots.

There are two (2) drawers in the middle of the cabinet for storing reels, line, fly boxes, etc.  These drawers measure 8 3/4 inches long, 7 1/2 inches wide, and 4 1/4 inches deep.

You can have your choice of Wood Stain and Hand-Painted Fish (your choice of three (3) on the top middle of the cabinet!  Just send me an email,, telling me which stain color and fish you would like for your cabinet!

You can also add five - six rod racks on each side - see more info below!

See other Cabinets that I have built with different stains and fish:  Elkhorn Creek Photos

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The Elkhorn Creek Cabinet





Add Side Rod Racks

You can also add five - six rod racks to each side of your cabinet, depending on the rods you would like to store.  The photos below show racks that were added to a cabinet, which include two spaces for spinning rods and three for fly rods.  The spinning rods spaces are wider, so that the upper cork handle will fit into the slot.

The rack measures 12 1/4" from bottom of rod rack to the slots.  Closed-cell foam is placed inside the upper slots to hold your rods firmly in place.

These racks are shipped in a separate box, and they are easily attached to your cabinet with wood screws and wood plugs.

To add these racks to your shopping cart, simply return to this page and click the "Add to Cart," below.

Side Rod Racks



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