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After being in business for 9 years, it seems like I am always adding something new!  I've been really blessed with over 600 pieces of furniture stretched across the US and abroad, as well as, thousands of bumper stickers, and a few hundred t-shirs.  


Over the past couple years, I have been approached by several folks, asking if they could advertise on my site.  To be honest, I really didn't know how I would go about it...  It would take some time to put together some plans, and time is not something that's been available!


Well, after a couple months of research, I have put together some advertising plans, which utilize my website,, The Fly Fishing Mall, my Blog,, and Social Networking - together, working as one traffic unit.


Here is how I drive business to my sites, which drives advertising opportunies within each unit:


My main marketing focus to drive prospective clients to my sites is through the use of Social Networking and Search Engines.


Prospective Clients arriving at

I post to all three Social Networking platform six days per week, driving prospective clients to my main site,  In all platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the posts reach over 11,000 prospective clients.


Your advertising will be listed in the following units, the Blog and/or The Fly Fishing Mall - here's how quickly they will get to you!


Once a prospective client arrives at, they are hit with a quick message, "Check out the Musky Blog!"  I am currently averaging 400 visitors per month at the Blog, and nearly 75% of those visitors are re-directed from


In addition, The Fly Fishing Mall logo is placed on the main page of for an easy click-through to that site.  I don't have any numbers on that unit yet, as it is brand new.  Comparing results from the Blog link, I feel that the Mall will get more click-throughs, because of what is being offered.


That means, 1,300 prospective clients per month see the Blog message and the Mall logo.  And, the number of visitors continues to increase.  Over the last couple of years, that number has increased over 3,500 new visitors per year.


Prospective Clients arriving at the Blog,

Once the prospective client arrives, they will see the main page, with the most current entries.  Your add will be shown in the right-hand column, with an easy click-through to your website.


Prospective Clients arriving at The Fly Fishing Mall

Once the prospective client arrives at the Mall, they will see the different catergories of products available (always adding more, so if you don't see yours, I will add it!)  They will then click that product and will be taken to that product page.  There, they will see your listing, which will include a pic/logo, a description of your products, and an easy click-through, which will take them directly to your site.


Other ways I market to drive traffic:

1.  Partner with other sites.  I partner with several other sites, which offer a click-through logo to  For instance, last Fall, I partnered with The Fly Rod Chronicles.

2.  All stickers that I sell, which is in the thousands, have printed on them.  You know fly fishers like their stickers!

3.  I have Ebay and Etsy stores, which most of the products I have available at  In all listings, I include a pic of sitcker, so prospective clients will see the website.  The number of item views is well over 100,000.

4.  In all products I ship, I include a listing of all my Social Networking handles, so clients can easily find me, follow me, and see what creeknuts, the Blog, or the Mall, are doing.

5.  You Tube Channel, creeknutsdotcom.  This channel has several musky fly-fishing videos that I have made with my GoPro.  At the end of each video, I show the logo.  Currently, there are over 39,000 views!


I know this was a little lengthy, but I wanted to show you all the "tentacles" involved in my marketing of - the driving force for your advertising!  It seems to be working well, as my site visitors and Social Networking followers continue to climb.!


Here are some analytics from, the Blog, and Social Networking:

Google Page Rank                  1

Ave. Monthly Visitors               1,300

Page Views/Monthly                6,300

Ave. Time on Site                    2.29 mins

Bounce Rate                           38.22

Google Page Rank                  NA

Ave. Monthly Visitors               400

Page Views/Monthly                924

Ave. Time on Site                    2.21 mins

Bounce Rate                           59.46

Updated Twice Monthly


Social Media Followers (as of 3/7/16)

Facebook                   4,932

Twitter                        4,088

Instagram                   2,142

You Tube Views       39,844

Advertising Plans

To enroll, please email me at, or call (606) 923-748, and I will let you know what information I need to get your advertsing started!



The Fly Fishing Mall

A listing in the Mall as explained above.


The Blog

An ad on the Blog as explained above.


The Full Advertising Plan

Includes both Plans above, plus two bi-annual posts on my Social Networking Platform, spotlightin you or one of your products.


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